Open Color – PIDC (color only)
Open Monochrome – PIDM (Monochrome)
Nature – ND (color or greyscale monochrome)
Photo Travel – PTD (color or greyscale monochrome)
Photojournalism – PJD (color or greyscale monochrome)
Woman – PIDC (color only)

Circuit Calendar

Closing Date: 30th May 2024
All Judging completed by: 27th June 2024
Notification sent by: 04th July 2024
EDAS submitted by: 27th July 2024
Awards mailed by: 26th August 2024
On-line Gallery posted by: 26th August 2024
Catalogs posted by: 26th August 2024

Image Specification

Photos must be in JPEG file format, Max. The horizontal length is 1920 pix. Max. The vertical length is 1080 pix. in 300 dpi. Compression 7-12, max 2Mb. Oversized images shall be rejected by the system. Image title length must be less than or equal to 35 characters. Titles do not need to be translated to English but must be given in English characters.


1 x PSA Gold (For Each Section)
1 x Passion Medal (For Each Section)
1 x GPF Medal (For Each Section)
3 x Certificate of Merit (For Each Section)
6 x Jury Choice (For Each Section)
1 Best Entrant of the salon (IIG Medal)
1 Best Club/Group Award for the salon (Minimum 12 entrants)

Payment Details

US $ 11 for any 2 sections, US $ 16 for all sections
Early Bird: US $ 11 or equivalent for participation in all sections up to 30th April 2024
Group Discount: US $ 11 or equivalent for groups of 5 – 10 entrants.
Group Discount: US $ 8 or equivalent for groups of 11 or more entrants

Payment via PayPal to
for overseas authors AND by
NEFT/IMPS/Cash in hand by Indian entrants
(equivalent conversion of USD).
Submitted works of the authors who did not pay
entry fee would not be taken into consideration.

Jury Panel

Thanasis Hadjipavlou

Thanasis Hadjipavlou, GMPSA, EFIAP/p
(Cyprus)- (All Sections)


Mathieu De Bosscher, MPSA
(Belgium) – (All Sections)

Abir Ghosh

Abir Ghosh, EFIAP, EFIP
(India) – (All Sections)